Ushering in the New Year of 2010 ~ Countdown Parties on Marina Bay

This has been a good year and to end it, we were engaged to draw at THE New Years Eve event that’s at Marina Bay. The Esplanade engaged Kamal to provide fringe entertainment at the Esplanade Park from 5pm – 7pm as the crowd starts to gathers at alongside the bay area. When the sun sets, its off to his second engagement at the floating platform where the big concert is. It was an unexpected delight to catch Sezairi Sezali the recently crowned Singapore idol perform live when just a few hours before we did a caricature tribute for him.

Kamal was drawing at the VIP lounge of the floating platform from 9.30pm till just before midnight. Best thing of all, he had the best view of the fireworks from the VIP stand. This year’s display was a spectacular eight minutes non-stop firework in all variety. We are truly blessed. Thank you for all your support and may 2010 be a good year for cariacturing. Happy New Year.

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