Sezairi Sezali Our Singapore Idol 2009

On this new year eve, winner of Singapore idol Sezairi Sezali caught my attention. Despite his victory over the first woman finalist Sylvia Ratonel who was an impressive performer, there is now public outcry that another Malay boy has grabbed the title for the third season. Even some Malays seem ashamed of Sezairi’s success because Malays are known to excel in entertainment and sports while the rate of divorce and academic excellence is still much to be desired. Sezairi and his family seem to manage the adversities rather well.

I did not follow the programme from the start except for the final episode last Sunday which was entertaining and in my opinion, Sezairi is the better performer. Despite the outcry from Sylvia’s supporter, I think it was a fair fight and in reflection for the new year I think we have progressed much as a society that we can openly discuss about race and gender issues and that Singapore is a meritocratic society demonstrated by the fact that Sezairi still gets the SMS votes because he is good and not by the colour of his skin.

To each his best. People should realize that the arts is as important as all the other sciences. I knew this first hand as I was once ashamed and was a let down for being a Malay boy who is good at drawing and did not realize my full potentials till very late.

Anyone who could defeat thousands of participants and entertain millions deserve my respect. With that in mind I humbly dedicate this morning to drawing my idol and hero. We post it high resolution for his fans to download.


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