A lady from Australia contacted us with a vision of her 40th birthday party. She’s going to dress up as her favorite idol Madonna with wig, pointed bra and all. The caricature is for the invitation card. She sent us a lot of reference pictures of Madonna and described every little detail of what she wanted. Most client gave us free play, but she was spelling out every little detail and that got us worried that we may miss out something and disappoint her. She paid by Paypal though it was her first time using the service, its a breeze.
We emailed her the high resolution file and got a positive response. She even penned us a nice testimonial.
Thank you so much… you have done a fantastic job, I love the pic.  You have portrayed the Madonna look with the 80′ style just how I wanted it which is the theme of my birthday and have made it fun.  I can’t wait to send the invitation out. I would not hesitate to recommend you for any work as I know you would do a fantastic job and follow it through.
All the best!