From Citibank to Community Centre

This caricature commission is a gift for a friend who is retiring. The customer sent us an email after collecting it which reads:

Collected the cartoon today – its hilarious and I luurve it! I like your sense of humour – the bra strap, leg on chair, the plastic red and blue bags…. Thank you v. much.

Actually, the humour is mostly theirs. This was their instruction:

Information about our Gim
1. She is retiring from Citibank (so no more regular income)
2. She likes to speak Singlish
3. Likes to play mahjong
4. Likes to wear her spectacles on her head when she’s working.
5. Has a very good sense of humour.

Idea for the cartoon
The Government is now promoting mahjong playing among senior citizens – to prevent old age disease and Alzheimers etc. They want Community Centers to provide place/facilities for mahjong players. So we thought we could use this theme and merge it with earning an income from mahjong winnings.

1. Title of the cartoon – From Citibank to Community Centre ( to use the Citibank logo and colours for the word “Citibank” and the PAP lightning flash and colours for the words “Community Center)

2. To depict Gim sitting at the Mahjong table ( with mahjong tiles laid out) and at her feet are several bags of money ( with $$$ signs) to indicate her winnings.

3. Gim to have a pair of spectacles on top of her head

4. Gim to say this: Mahjong is gambling meh??!! ‘Gahmen’ say mind games verrrry healthy. Some more, can also earn plenty plenty money $$$ for retirement whaaat!!!

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