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Caricature Arts For Staff Appreciation Gifts

However You Want It Drawn, We’ll Do Our Best.

This is a great Country Sales Manager. He is depicted in his underwear drinking wine standing on a refrigerator with his sales force bowing to him. No questions asked.

Coming and Going Momento for Colleagues.

After we did a farewell gift we were contacted again for a welcome gift for the new manager into the department. Janelle referred you to us for the caricature that you did for her boss. We are thinking of doing… Continue Reading →

HR Boss Farewell Gift Caricature

She started the HR department of an integrated resort company. Won some awards and she’s moving on, so her colleagues got her a drawing with the resorts she helped build as the background.

Farewell Caricature Gift for The Director of Manpower

Detailed Proposal For Caricature: Main character will be depicted in his office, Director of Manpower(DMO) in MINDEF/SAF Likeable boss who always says thanks to his secretary, laughs heartily and is understanding Would like the details of the office to be… Continue Reading →

Ironman Mark 42 Digital Caricature Gift for a Real Iron Man

Farewell Gift to Chemical Plant Worker

Details from our client: “My idea is to have a big truck loaded with pallets of our products (listed below). The product names need to be shown on the pallets as Romy (the recipient of this caricature) is the regional… Continue Reading →

Caricature Gift for HR Director

Our caricature can be┬ácustomized to your very request: Caricature Details I would like to place an A3 caricature with body situation. Photo of the individual featured in the caricature is attached. Background & Additional Requests Background to feature landmarks in… Continue Reading →

Gift Caricature for Engineer

Farewell Gift Caricature for a Kiwi Boss

Indian Superman of Emulation Gift Caricatures

Career Opportunity as Caricature Artists (Caricaturist)

If you are passionate about drawing and love entertaining people, would you consider being a professional caricaturist? We have vacancy for full-time caricature artists to join our team at Cartoon.SG. We may consider permanent part-timers (fixed schedule) if you are… Continue Reading →

Farewell Caricature Drawing Gift for Investment Executives

Promotion Gift Caricature For HR General Manager of Procter & Gamble

Caricature for HR Manager

Korean Baseball Theme Caricature for Microsoft

Big Bling and BMW. Caricature Gift for Colleague

She like diamonds, BMWs and coffee. So here she goes…

Caricature Gifts for Procter & Gamble Staff

Digital Painting of Caricatures for Corporate Avatar

The advent of blogging, online forums and facebook as corporate communication tools are becoming more apparent these days. A sophisticated organisation needs to present itself consistently over these medium. One serious consideration often overlooked is the corporate avatar. The use… Continue Reading →

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