Farewell Present For Jovial Colleague – A Caricature of Him as Charlie Chaplin

Clients’ request for a farewell gift for a colleague:

Attached is his picture. If you may draw him in Charlie Chaplin.

Is he possible to draw him holding a banana.

Since it is a farewell and we will like him to remember S’pore, some scenes of S’pore will  be good like Merlion and MBS.



Farewell to our Resident Comedian and Dear Friend. Life in Deos will never be as colorful with you.

 From: Deomazing Bunch!


Mothers’ Day Gift for a Wonder Woman

Client was referred from a colleague, she requested a gift for Mothers’ Day:


 I was recommended by my colleague  who engaged you last month for a group caricature.

I would like to enquire on the cost of a caricature (drawn from photo) for a Mothers’ Day gift – single person full body, A3 size, framing required.

 I would like to include a few other objects in the caricature e.g. the person holding a cat in one hand and a glass of champagne in another.

Theme/outfit: Wonder woman

Description of drawing: Would like to have her holding a glass of champagne in one hand and a few branded shopping bags hanging from her other hand – if there is space, can we include the brand names on the shopping bags such as ‘Miu Miu’ and ‘Issey Miyake’. The cat should be sitting next to her at her feet (she doesn’t need to be holding the cat).
“Mom, you’re our Wonder Woman! Happy Mother’s Day!
Love, xxxx, xxxx and xxxx”

Suggestions and detailed descriptions are greatly appreciated.


Farewell Gift for Superfriends

The client has requested a caricature as a departing gift for a colleague 

I would like to engage your services for this colour caricature drawing for the A2 – 8 pax caricature plus A2 frame. Colour background and words “Superfriends, Always!”


Other notes:

1) we would like to be in the following characters (with similar posses possible?) as attached. Please write our name under each character. Captain America needs to be semi-masked or unmasked to show face?

2) we would like the main character Storm (Storm) to be a little bigger than the rest to emphasize her.

3) Women to be drawn sexy and man hunky and muscular.

4) we will have a soft copy (or link to download) the finished work for keeps.

5) silver frame and non reflective glass.

6) drawing in landscape so as to have maximum area to show all characters in full features and poses.

7) collection on the 1st Apr or 2nd Apr latest

P.S: This is a departing gift for a dear colleague of ours for 16 years and I really need it to be a very beautiful, humorous and memorable gift for her.

The artwork was upgraded to a digital painting due to its size.

Birthday Gift for the Funny Cool Boss

Can never go wrong with a nicely drawn caricature of your boss for her birthday right? This is an adorable and fun way of brightening up her day.


I would like to order a caricature at A4 size with body and background.

 Can you please give me 2 quotes with the following criteria added as well: – 

#1: 1 person only 

#2: 1 big person plus 7 additional person in the background

#3: Instead of Happy Birthday Fren, please put ‘Happy Birthday to a wonderful boss!’

#4: For the Sweet, smart message.. please change to Funny, Cool, Sophisticated & Inspiring.. that’s you


Comics Fan Snapped Up Our Superhero Caricature

Hafiz drew this Marvel fan-art group caricature of our crew at the theme park. We caricaturists were depicted as superhero characters in the Avengers. A tourist saw the funny drawing and insisted on buying it. We are proud to report that it is now hung somewhere in Germany.

Caricature Gift for HR Director

Our caricature can be customized to your very request:

Caricature Details
I would like to place an A3 caricature with body situation. Photo of the individual featured in the caricature is attached.
Background & Additional Requests

  1. Background to feature landmarks in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion, Changi Control Tower, Orchids, Hawker Stalls, featuring Satay/Fried Rice/Roast Meat etc. I really love the caricature done for a couple in front of the Taj Mahal the detail is really beautiful. Can I request to have something similar done with as little white background as possible. The background can also have an overarching garden theme as long as it features some of the Singapore landmarks mentioned.
  2. Request to have a full bodied caricature in a standing position donning a black/grey suit with red tie holding on to a cabin trolley bag. With a speech bubble containing the words “HR is in a sweet spot“, “Talent, Talent, Talent“, “… approved, reluctantly!” and “HR Transformation – we are ahead of the game!” (“” are not required and for clarity purposes only)
  3. Company Logo to be featured in drawing, please see my company logo at the foot of this email, understand that requests for specific logos cost an additional $50. 
  4. Text: please have the text Thank you Conrad, we’ll miss you dearly from the Singapore Team. It can be framed in the drawing up to your creativity
  5. Framing: We would like to have the caricature framed 

” Do let your creativity take over where possible this is just an outline and I’m sure that the experts would be in the best position on creating a memorable and good caricature.”

The Venerable – Gift Caricature Drawing

Another regular customer of us, yet again ordered a gift caricature drawing for her Venerable.

As describe, the Venerable is a very funny guy, in order to make them understand better he uses ‘singlish’. He laughs  a lot and will claps his  hands once and laugh when he is saying something really funny.

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