Mask Off Day Celebration

Mask is no longer compulsory as of today 29th March 2022. Well not entirely but for open spaces at least. The wearing of mask in public was made compulsory in Singapore on 14th April 2020. So today is kind of a big deal for us, because for two years (just shy of two weeks) we could not do most of what we do professionally. Our retail operations at the theme park was closed, there is absolutely no more event gigs engagement to draw for entertainment and we could not busk in public. It was tough to sustain this creative business that depended on tourists. As a result, the team of trained professional artists we took so long to build shrank due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. We kept ourselves afloat with studio commissions for gift caricatures and teaching engagements online. We are thankful to the government support and all our clients for their loyal patronage.

This day is a cause for celebration as it is a big step to normalcy. The common area in Wisma Geylang Serai where our studio is located at, is designated as outdoor area so mask can be removed. I took the opportunity to commemorate this special day by drawing the publi, busking around lunch time. A bit out of touch but it will all come back with gig engagements. So if you’re planning an outdoor event, do include caricature drawing for your fringe activity. We look forward to draw caricatures as in the past.

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