Our customer requested for a caricature to be sent as a gift to a couple with whom they went on a trip together to Halong Bay. They wanted in the picture a white junk boat, for the background to depict Halong Bay and for the guy to hold up a beer bottle, as a reminder of how much fun they had together.

This was the end product. Ah, Halong Bay! poet’s imagination, artist’s canvas, gem of Vietnam, now our inspiration.

Customer’s request:

I would like a normal colour marker caricature drawn of the couple attached in pic: couple1. We went on a trip to Halong Bay with them recently and would like to send them a nice gift as a memory. I have also attached an image of Halong Bay so please use that as the background. It does not have to be like the Halong Bay picture I sent, so long as we can tell that the background depicts Halong Bay. We also took the cruise on a white junk boat that looks like the one in following link. We are not particular about what they wear but it will be nice if he was holding up a beer bottle that looks like this. I would like this to be a gift to remind them of the fun trip we recently had so they should look as though they are enjoying themselves.