Client’s request:

We will want to have a 3 full body caricature on A3 size, in normal colour marker.

A bit of background on the 3 of us. Betty is our boss at work, but we have become very good friends outside of work as well. We often tease each other, play pranks on each other and have a lot of fun so the drawing can show that.

 Some more info about us that might be useful:

·         We call ourselves “B.E.S” . Can include BES in the drawing?

·       likes Rilakkuma cartoon and would be good if you can include that.

·       has a lot of bags and shoes in many different colours. (brands she has include: Tory Burch, Prada, Ferragamo)

·        once was very keen on getting a bunny as a pet.

·        builds RC planes and flies them in his free time.

·     loves cats..

·         I am always teased about being a Chinese dancer (e.g they will do Chinese dance actions like twirling a ribbon or using a Chinese fan)

·         I am very afraid of cats~!