My Boss is an Astronaut! A Farewell Gift for Japanese Colleague

This is from a glass company that specialise in tempered glass for electrical appliances and cars.

We would like to engage your service for A3 single caricature plus frame

Background of this farewell gift:

–       It’s for our Japanese boss, Atsumi-san.

–       He has been in Singapore for 2 years and will be posted back to Tokyo.

–       His childhood dream ambition is an astronaut. Coincidentally, he was donned in an astronaut outfit in last DND and won best dressed.

Requirements of caricature:

–       Atsumi-san’s photos as attached (He’s the guy in striped tie and black suit). If photos are not ok, please advise me.

–       For caricature, pls draw Atsumi-san in an astronaut outfit. His face shown with a grin and him holding his astronaut hear gear. Viewing glass of head gear to be marked with “AGC glass Tempered” logo at bottom corner. (similar to small logo on viewing panels of car)

–       Background of drawing: Atsumi-san lands on a globe (shows Singapore location) with Singapore flag. And a signage to show next destination – Tokyo. The rest is up to creativity of artist.

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