Armed and Romantic on a Plane – Wedding Couple Caricature.

He request to personalized his wedding caricature based on an earlier drawing we did of another couple on a plane:

We are getting married in Phuket, so there is no need to have the detail of Singapore underneath the aircraft. Perhaps some tropical island setting? However is there any chance of making the aircraft similar to an Qantas A380 (4 engines), but still with the love hearts. eg. same picture of the aircraft just with an extra engine on each side.We would like to have an A3 size picture with a border around the outside, so it can be signed by guests at our wedding.To personalise the pictures we would like to have the following:
Glen: Black Tuxedo Suit holding a “AUG Steyr Rifle” (see attached picture)
Michelle: White wedding dress holding a glass / flute of champagne
Perhaps we could be the reverse of the drawing provided ie Glen on the left side of the picture (where the woman currently is), with the weapon in my right hand. Then Michelle can have the glass of champagne in her left hand.

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