English Teacher Who Loves to Scuba Dive

This was a tricky juxtaposition. I have only three days to do this and it took me two days thinking of how to portray an English teacher who loves to Scuba Dive, then I saw this inspirational bust of William Shakespeare. I drew a chain tied around the bust which turns it into her weight belt. Like I have mentioned before, I am a certified scuba diver so trust me for I know what I’m doing. Since the bust (oh well… its a pun then) is positioned close to her well-endowed bosom (ahhh… my artistic license), Shakespeare comes alive! … Ok bad joke I already guessed that you wont get it. 🙂 Perhaps I should have title this “Still life of bust next to bosom“. Note: This is an A4 size caricature as birthday gift for a 21 year old trainee teacher who loves scuba diving.

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