Retirement Gift For University Chancellor

The client has ordered a digital caricature as an appreciation gift for a professor who is stepping down from his position:

Hi Mr Dollah,

We are planning to have 1 face+body (for Prof xxxx) and 23 faces (only) for the rest of the staff. Can you give us a good quotation for a A3 coloured caricature? We hope to get the drawing by 9 Jun, in time for our appreciation lunch.

 Hope to hear from you soon.

 Thanks & regards,


Farewell Gift For Retiring Math Professors

A university  requested caricatures as a farewell present for retiring professors. The were funny requests. Hi there I’m interested in getting 3 caricatures done for my retiring staff.  All 3 are professors at the Math Department, NUS. We are looking at one of these options, depending on whether what we have in mind can be done, details as follows.  We need the caricatures ready by Monday 21 April.

  1. Single person with body and background at A4 size 
  2. Single person with body situation A3 size 
  3. Couple caricature with body and background A3 size is .

Please advise us on the cost for all above options. The photos are attached.  We will try to get more pics of Prof xxx Prof xxxx-  likes singing Prof xxxx-  likes writing, poetry and prose Prof xxxx – likes watching TV, doing Tai-Chi

Birthday Caricature Gift to the Murdoch Student

A birthday present can never go wrong with a beautifully drawn caricature of the birthday girl! Hope you enjoy this!

I attached a picture for the caricature.

1. Please add ” Happy 21st Birthday, Eleena!”
2. She is working as an admin and also studying at Murdoch University (logo attached) part-time in “Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Marketing”. Good to show her studying for the course with computer and textbooks background?

I will follow up with another 2 picture just in case. 


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