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Group Gift by Boss to His Employees Showing their Favourite Hobbies and Talents

A group gift for a company where employees are drawn according to the various hobbies or talents they have. Perfect gift with a slight sense of humour to show appreciation of your employee’s hard work.

Gift for the team

“A big thanks to you and your team/artist for the artwork. We are very happy about it. In fact, everyone loved it so much they are asking for their own superhero caricature.”

Team caricature

To have an effective team, you need people with different talents and a great leader.

Walk Together With The Team – Caricature for corporate LDP

Digital group caricature in rugby team

Big Group Caricature Of An Air Force Squadron Drawn As Soccer Team

Soccer take a lot of teamwork inside and outside the field. This is what they wish to portray – the importance of teamwork that will lead to victory. This A2 size original art for this group caricature of an RSAF… Continue Reading →

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