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Student’s Gift for Professor’s 70th Birthday

The clients’ request is for a Professor 70th Birthday: I would like to order a coloured caricature for my professor’s 70th birthday. In the drawing, I want to include him as well as something related to him as background. Here are… Continue Reading →

Teacher’s Day Gift Caricature

Teachers Day Party For ACS (Junior)

Teacher’s Day Gift Caricatures

A committee member of  the parent support group of a school requested for drawings of their model teachers. This is a nice gift idea to show their appreciatio.  Definitely nicer than the usual plaque.

School Reunion Gift For Teachers by Alma Mater of Ghim Moh Secondary

How about some retro-caricatures? The photo was lifted off the school year book circa late 1980s and we were asked if we would take on the job. We said that it would be difficult as the details are not visible… Continue Reading →

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