Student’s Gift for Professor’s 70th Birthday

The clients’ request is for a Professor 70th Birthday:

I would like to order a coloured caricature for my professor’s 70th birthday.

In the drawing, I want to include him as well as something related to him as background.

Here are something I would like to specify:

Professor(smiling): he is teaching and holding a book called “Advanced Database Systems” which is written by him (“CZ” is his initial). 

 Moreover, instead of wearing suit, please change to a sweater and a shirt inside, as he always wears a sweater.

Bear: it is a mascot of xxx, in where he is teaching now. Please draw a bear crawling next to him.

Bell (next to the door): It is the logo of xxxx, where he used to work in. Since it is a logo, please draw as close as the one shown in the picture.

Painting (on the door): It shows two landmarks in an Italian city called Vicenza, where he’s born. The landmarks are a building called Palladian Basilica and its clock tower.

Door: It is an opened door.

 Attached please find his photos, pictures of bear, painting and bell lab logo as well for your reference.

Teacher’s Day Gift Caricatures

A committee member of  the parent support group of a school requested for drawings of their model teachers.
This is a nice gift idea to show their appreciatio.  Definitely nicer than the usual plaque.

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