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This Is One Noisy Drawing For a Farewell Gift

With so many messages around the drawing, our artist spent more time writing than drawing this farewell gift caricature for a corporate client.

Farewell Caricature Gift for The Director of Manpower

Detailed Proposal For Caricature: Main character will be depicted in his office, Director of Manpower(DMO) in MINDEF/SAF Likeable boss who always says thanks to his secretary, laughs heartily and is understanding Would like the details of the office to be… Continue Reading →

Organisation Caricature for BAT

Farewell Gift: A Big Group Caricature for Plant Manager

Corporate Caricature for Huntsman Staff

Korean Baseball Theme Caricature for Microsoft

Caricature Farewell Gift for a Wella Professional Girl

Big Bling and BMW. Caricature Gift for Colleague

She like diamonds, BMWs and coffee. So here she goes…

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