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Personalized Gift to Celebrate A Sports Achievement

Unique gift items for golfers to commemorate the details of the shot.  The perfect present to celebrate rare and impressive accomplishments in golf. Caricature congratulations gift is perfect for sports achievements, new jobs, pregnancies, graduations, promotions, buying first house or… Continue Reading →

Farewell Caricature Gift For Colleague At Sports Wear Company

The client got in contact with us after browsing through our website and requested a caricature as a gift for a colleague who is leaving: This is what we like to order:  1.       A caricature on A3-sized paper with Normal Color… Continue Reading →

Our Dean Loves to Play Badminton

This was a commissioned gift by graduating students at National Institute of Education for their Dean.

Graduation Caricature for a Sporty Engineer

The graduate is a hunk with a fair balance of sports and academic achievements. We drew him in his robe bearing the colours of National University of Singapore (NUS) Engineering faculty. He had books in one hand and dumbell in… Continue Reading →

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