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Elvis Vegas Jumpsuit Cartoon Caricature Gift for Boss

Peacock Dance – Wedding Gift Caricature

  The theme for their wedding was a bollywood movie night with peacock colour theme. Thus suggested theme for the drawing was Peacock.

Professor with his scientist – Gift Caricature Drawing

A gift caricature to a boss who is sitting on the machine invented by the team.

Guy Who Loves Poetry – Gift Caricature Drawing

A memorable gift from a colleague. As described by his colleague, this librarian likes philosophy and writing.  

Sipping Tea on Office Desk – Gift Caricature Drawing

This request is a boss who have got promoted and will be posting to another Ministry. As a momento his colleagues presented him with a gift caricature drawing which describe him as a tall, intellectual, smart, clever and most of… Continue Reading →

C&BA Office – Gift Caricature Drawing

Details given by the colleague:  Accountant at his desk in blue checks long-sleeved shirt (best with a Fred Perry logo on the left pocket two computer monitors (side by side), with a mouse and keyboard must have a calculator, pens, a stapler, a highlighter (orange color),… Continue Reading →

Senior Analyst Farewell Gift Caricature Drawing

Surprise! Its Your Birthday! – ‘Live’ Caricature Event

“Its our birthday party on the 6th November 2010! “A birthday celebration among family, relatives and friends.

Summer Camp At American Club – Caricature Funny Sketchings

Kamal drawing for Kids at the American Club on August 13th 2010. Called in last minute by an event company who also hired Ken and Reggie.

A Love Story In Tokyo – Wedding Gift Caricature

February the month of love has been chosen by the couple to share a memorable moments of their life. The bride rides a red and white Honda scooter, and they are getting married at a high-class venue ‘The Classica’ in… Continue Reading →

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