Japanse Family Caricature Enjoying In The Warm Singapore Sun

This Japanese family requested for a family portrait with a Singaporean theme/


And, I would like to order three drawings for our family this time based on the following  theme:

All –  Summer dress fashion in “Singapore” background

Pix 1 Vsign.         – Both are smiling with Vsign.

Pix 2 Fishing.      – Both are fishing.

Pix 3 Wine.          – Both (wearing hat) are drinking wine.

The Venerable – Gift Caricature Drawing

Another regular customer of us, yet again ordered a gift caricature drawing for her Venerable.

As describe, the Venerable is a very funny guy, in order to make them understand better he uses ‘singlish’. He laughs  a lot and will claps his  hands once and laugh when he is saying something really funny.

C&BA Office – Gift Caricature Drawing

Details given by the colleague:

  •  Accountant at his desk
  • in blue checks long-sleeved shirt (best with a Fred Perry logo on the left pocket
  • two computer monitors (side by side), with a mouse and keyboard
  • must have a calculator, pens, a stapler, a highlighter (orange color), a B5 notebook (yellow color), a calendar, a desk phone, a name tag written as “Jerry Ng” 
  • [MAIN CONTENT] a printer with lots of papers printing out (papers can be exaggerated to all over the surroundings) , and a whole stack of papers on desk 
  • Various headers for the printed papers: (priority in ascending order)
    -GAAP ID [0000, 0002, 0004]
  • Banner at top of drawing: “#1 Journal Poster 2010”
  • Message at bottom of drawing:  Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague.. We’re gonna miss you!
  • Sign-off: C&BA

2nd Intake Caricature Class Graduates

The second batch of students completing their 8 session caricature workshop on 16th March 2011. The final sessions is to draw succession of quick caricatures of all the participants. They are all awarded their certificate of attendance.

Policeman with passion – Gift Caricature Drawing

This is a farewell gift by policemen of Kampong Java Neighbourhood  Police Post to their beloved team leader who is posting out to another unit. This is an ‘on-the-ball’ senior police officer who goes out on patrol with a 4-wheel drive Police cruiser (we happily caricatured that as well). He wears a utility belt fully loaded with Tazer stun gun, revolver pistol, hand-cuffs, ammo pouch, T-baton, walkie-talkie set, etc… He also has a peculiar way of slinging his walkie talkie mic over his shoulder. Must have been a beloved officer that his subordinates gave him such a fun and wonderful parting gift.

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