Surprise Birthday Gift Caricature for a Busy Wife

We got this special request for a Wife’s Birthday surprise. It’s should be a crime to call it a client’s brief if it is this long. Anyway, it was a fun challenge and client understood the premium price for complexity. See if we got all his request in this one picture.

Hi, I would like to organise a caricature to be made of my wife.
  • 34 years old, Chinese female (my wife)
  • The smile needs to be exaggerated and large as her smile does engulf her whole face and her eyes become quite small when she laughs
  • She often wears pretty dress in bright yellow or vintage style – see the photos of her for a dress as guidance
  • She is generally very bubbly personality, talks in fast-paced, high-pitched way
  • Her right hand should be stretched out to a baby’s pram handle.
  • Her hair should have a fringe and a ponytail.
  • She should be wear flip-flops. Under her right flip flop, she should be stubbing out a cigarette. Her left ankle should be bandaged as if injured
  • There should be thought bubbles shown coming from her head where she is dreaming of sleeping.
  • In her left hand should be a crumpled notepad with the words “Real Estate” and other lines that look a full page of notes
  • Our son Alexander should be featured lying in his pram, with his face to the front of the picture, and a pacifier in his mouth. He should look wide-eyed and expressionless. He has unusually large round eyes so that should be exaggerated.
  • On the side of the pram, it should feature the name Eloise crossed out and the name Xander penciled in. The Eloise should look like its was professionally done, with the Xander name penciled in amateurs style using same style as crossout of the Eloise. The point is that we were expecting a daughter.
  • His left hand should be holding a flag which says Kai-En Rocks (this is his Chinese name).
  • Pram should be dark blue in colour
  • His feet should be hanging out the opposite end of the pram, with his right arm handing over the edge of the pram too..


  • No need for actual caricature.
  • Should be featured in the background as following behind Person A.
  • He is meant to look slightly hunched, overloaded with shopping bags, dragging his feet a little.
  • He should be made to look like he has donkey ears that are oversized for his head. His face should be featureless, just white. It is meant to represent me, 39 years old, Caucasian, 6ft tall, slim build.
  • On the far left hand side is a measuring post. It should measure up to 1.5 metres, but show 1.5metres clumsily crossed out and replaced with an amateurishly pencilled in 1.8 m.
  • Nearby her left foot (the bandaged one) should lie a deflated rugby ball
  • On the right handside of the picture is a fruit bowl which needs to be filled to overflowing with discarded shells of a fruit (like a mangosteen) that has been eaten, with shells falling about on the ground as well.
  • Around the base of the street sign should be some small rocks. The wife trained as a geologist.
  • At the base of the street sign should be a miniature Merlion poking its head out from behind the post.
  • On the right hand side there are also some kitchen utensils and a chef’s hat as the wife is a trained chef.

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