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Master of the sea, thank you to a dedicated leader.

King of the wrench, walk like a king, talk like a king, and act like a king.

A caricature gift for a dedicated and a humble friend among the team. “Satu Kopi-O”.

Farewell Gift for a Captain of Industry Responsible for the Shipment of Goods to and from Singapore

A farewell gift for a government official captain from his staff with a message saying, “You have set high standards and done so much for us! With a heavy heart, we bid you farewell!”.

Farewell navy theme caricature for a commanding officer

Retirement caricature for boss

Farewell caricature for maritime colleague

Farewell caricature for navy colonel

Caricature of Minister Mrs Josephine Teo with maritime industry background

50th birthday digital caricature

Farewell caricature with judo costume and golfing on the vessel

Caricature gift for the best boss ever

Farewell caricature for a Singapore navy

Digital caricature of Singapore navy

Farewell gift

Farewell Gift For HR Director of Shipping Company

We would like to present this caricature to  HR Director as a farewell gift. We will also be providing the angle for you to work upon: Here’s the angle – “…In office, he’s often comfortable without his socks and shoes,… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift Caricature for BP Maritime

Farewell Gift Caricature for DHL Colleague

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