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Farewell Gift to a Commander in the Singapore Navy

An appreciation gift for a navy lt. colonel, it includes a message saying, “First to Protect. Thank you for everything! Fair Winds and following Seas! From Cluster Chiefs”.

Farewell Gift for a Captain of Industry Responsible for the Shipment of Goods to and from Singapore

A farewell gift for a government official captain from his staff with a message saying, “You have set high standards and done so much for us! With a heavy heart, we bid you farewell!”.

Farewell gift for military personnel

Caricature of a colleague on a dragonboat

Protecting us

Gift for a Police Coast Guard

Family caricature who went for a Cruise trip

Farewell caricature for navy

Special gift for a diving couple who just married

Family caricature with the beach setting

Birthday Caricature

Farewell caricature for a Singapore navy

Farewell caricature gift

Where the love begins… A gift for loving couple

Digital caricature of Singapore navy

Joy is wakeboarding

Caricature Gift for Deep Sea Lover

Three In A Fishing Boat – Gift Caricature For Dad’s Birthday

A caricature gift for daddy who loves to fish. We showed mommy and daughter as very supportive of dad’s hobby. Its a gift from a colleague.

Couple Gift Caricature

Farewell Gift Caricature for DHL Colleague

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