Appreciation Gift for Mentor SAF Army

Best Retirement Gift Singapore

Celebrate major milestones with a retirement printable art. Caricatures are drawn specifically according to your requests to add special details such as military vehicles and special good bye wishes to your boss. A perfect gift for mentors leaving as it shows how much thought went behind creating a sentimental and work appropriate farewell present. A single man in Army Uniform with the rank of Major, with arms folded. Uniform should have the 2 badges above the “SINGAPORE” Tag. Background: A building with the words “Mobilisation Equipping Centre”. A tank and artillery vehicle to show the readiness of Army to fight. Include Supply Logo. Insert farewell wishes: In appreciation of your invaluable contributions to General Staff Branch (HQ Supply) as Head Readiness. Thank you for being a great mentor, colleague and friend to us all! It has been a great honour to serve with you. All the best in your future endeavours! Equip & Sustain, Supply!

Farewell Gift

Farewell Gift
Farewell Gift

“our CO will be stepping down coming October. We would like to have a drawing of him to bid him farewell.¬†For the background, we would like to include troops/soldiers eating Gelato ice cream in the field as a memory of our CO making history in NS by making it possible for everyone in our unit having ice cream during out field training.”

Farewell gift

20190514-Caricature-Singapore-digital-SAF-army-vehicle-guards-superhero-marvel-wakanda-forever-black-pantherClient’s request: “He had been a fan of Black Panther and would want the caricature to be drawn that way.”

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