Appreciation Gift for Boss

Client requested a caricature:

Could you please help me draw a caricature as per attached photo. Message : “Thank you for your guidance!”. Please draw him running as he like to run in marathons. No need to frame this, but help me put on A3 size. Thank you so much!! Can I get this next week?


C&BA Soocer Guy – Gift Caricature Drawing

  Details given by the colleague:

1) Footballer with a football and with spectators behind

2) Blue Jersey (similar to Chelsea team)

3) Team Logo (upper right of Jersey) 

4) Sponsor logo on center of Jersey: C & BA”

5) Shorts with No. 25

6) Football design is with word: EMEA”

7) Spectators shouting these words:

– Delivery

– Tax Pack



– Z Analysis

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