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Retirement Gift for Old Timer of Oil Refineries in Singapore.

A real old timer of the oil refinery in Singapore given the title of Historian as a farewell gift. Caricature art drawn by Singapore artist. Engineer in fire retardant overall.

Boss is a World Traveller

Farewell Gift for Boss Leaving the company. Combined gift for lasting memory of friendship and comraderie.

Army Guards Military Caricature Gift For Retirement

A customised special caricature gift for an army sergeant with the lite strike vehicle and helicopter hovering. A gift to remember.  

Farewell & Retirement gift

Retirement caricature for boss

Retirement caricature for a teacher who loves chinese foods

caricature studio order drawn from photograph

Our professional team of artists draw high quality art for caricature gifts that will be well received. With many years of training and experience our artist

Retirement gift for a singapore navy

Retirement gift for Queen Esther

Farewell gift for school principal

Gift for a retired colleague

Customer ordered this group caricatured for this guy who is retiring from work force. He loves Asia food particularly chilli crabs. So there were ¬†spread presented infront of him. He travels to Vietnam and being to places of interest in… Continue Reading →

Colleague’s retirement gift on golf subject

Caricature Goodbye Card for a Fun Cool Boss

The employees wanted to give the boss something awesome to remind them of his time working in Singapore. What a good idea to make it as a card and on one side they can express their gratitude! Best wishes! Hi,¬†… Continue Reading →

Slang Speaking English Lady from a Major Shipping Company

This worldly lady is described as someone who has a very strong English accent and slangs in her speech. She loves her husband known affectionately as her ‘big B’. Everyday she eat sandwich brought from home in a plastic container… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift Caricature For Engineer

An engineer at a precision engineering firm supplying instruments for the oil and gas industry. They requested for a black and white group caricature.

Retirement Gift for Senior Consultant of Jurong Port

Retirement Gift for a Fishing Fanatic Boss

Super Hero Boss Parting Gift From Colleagues

Farewell Caricature for CEO of 7-11

This is a farewell gift for the CEO of 7-11 and they wanted a ‘big-gulp’ sized caricature. Our usual assignments are A4 or A3, but this is A1 size and there were lots of specific items in the gag. It… Continue Reading →

Caricature for Nokia Executive as Farewell Gift.

He is giving up the rat-race and going back to Serawak for the simpler life. We drew him becoming an Iban warrior doing the warrior dance on a longhouse bamboo floor and tossing away his laptop. The Ibans are a… Continue Reading →

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