C&BA Office – Gift Caricature Drawing

Details given by the colleague:

  •  Accountant at his desk
  • in blue checks long-sleeved shirt (best with a Fred Perry logo on the left pocket
  • two computer monitors (side by side), with a mouse and keyboard
  • must have a calculator, pens, a stapler, a highlighter (orange color), a B5 notebook (yellow color), a calendar, a desk phone, a name tag written as “Jerry Ng” 
  • [MAIN CONTENT] a printer with lots of papers printing out (papers can be exaggerated to all over the surroundings) , and a whole stack of papers on desk 
  • Various headers for the printed papers: (priority in ascending order)
    -GAAP ID [0000, 0002, 0004]
  • Banner at top of drawing: “#1 Journal Poster 2010”
  • Message at bottom of drawing:  Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague.. We’re gonna miss you!
  • Sign-off: C&BA

Gift Caricature for Boss Who Is The King Of Analytics In Statistic Department

This was for OCBC Bank –  Group Customer Analytics& Decisioning
Global Consumer Financial Services Division


We spoke about caricature this morning for my boss. His name is Anthony Johnson and we called him “AJ”.AJ will be leaving for Melbourne next Wednesday, 7 July.  So, we would like to give him this caricature on Tuesday, 6 July when we have our farewell lunch with him. We intend to have his photo with a crown on his head and the wordings should show “AJ  The King of Analytics”. We would like to have it on A3 size.

Azlinda Borhan

We drew him as a mighty king sitting on a pile of statistic reports, spreadsheets and various charts. And added his favourite colour (lime green) as the background.

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