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Off for a fishing trip with Perrier and Croissant

Thank you gift to wonderful friend for her amazing dedication.

Lunching through the day

Closing sales, increasing revenue and a happy heart beats the day.

Dip that cracker in the coffee

Electronic gadgets, office room, enjoying hot coffee with biscuit and an animal lover.

Folding arm numbers figures office meeting

Appreciation gift for lady in red dress, ” Achieving the goals”.

Wishing you Happy Retirement!

Live Caricature at an Office Party

For the health conscious

A unique Farewell gift for a colleague

A group photo can be inserted into an artwork.

Happy Retirement!

What better way to celebrate retirement than a gift to thank someone for their time, service and guidance andĀ featuringĀ their favourites in a caricature.

A “Wand”erful gift for a boss

His spectacles makes him look like “Harry Potter” doesn’t it?

Gift for a Liverpool fan

Farewell gift for a wonderful boss

Group caricature

Appreciation gift for those who attended workshop organised by the company.

Farewell gift for a senior analyst

It is good to know that they know this colleague well so that we are able to portray all that she likes into a caricature.

Transfer gift for Army unit commander

Customised drawing of caricature with unique vehicles is our specialty.

Farewell caricature for a Japanese boss

Farewell caricature for colleague who love guitar with office setting a

Caricature gift for boss with their company products

Farewell caricature for colleague with their company helicopter models

Farewell caricature for boss with office setting

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