An Italian Motorcycle Tour Group Caricature With Ducati

A digital caricature for this wild bunch. The clients’ request:

I have attached 2 photographs: 
– a group photo of my motorcycle group;
– one photo of our friend Francesco.
Basically I would like the drawing to be fun & funny.  The main picture of the whole group to be the main background, this is a group of close friends who often travel together on motorcycle trips.  You will see the motorcycles in the background.  The picture of xxxx to be superimposed in the foreground, on the right hand bottom corner area showing his thumbs up.  xxxx is a fun-loving, friendly, smart, funny & mischievous Italian who loves motorcycling and loves good food, he is a huge guy in his early 40s with a potbelly.  
This caricature is meant as a present to xxxx when we meet him soon.  I would like it to show how the whole group enjoyed the fun we had with xxxx, and he enjoys our company albeit being rather amused with our craziness.  
I hope I have given you the descriptions which is required.  I would appreciate your advise as to the cost for the artwork & any suggestion from the artist.  As for the size of the artwork, I reckon a minimum A4 or perhaps a little bigger.  Please let me hear from you. 

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