Caricature Gift for the Winning Husband

A lovely wife would like to have a caricature of her husband done for his birthday gift. He’s a runner!

I would like to place an order for a single person caricature in A4 size with frame for my husband as a birthday gift.
Attached below is the picture taken from one of his runs. I hope it’s sufficient for your artist.

Details of caricature:
1) I would like him to be depicted at the finishing line of the Sundown Marathon, which was on 1st June. That was his first night run and the longest he ever ran, 42 km. he started at 11.30pm and competed the run at about dawn.
2) I would also like the number ‘1410’ to be on his runner’s tag as that is his date and month of birth.
3) if possible, the words ‘Happy Birthday’ to be incorporated in the drawing.

Marathon Runner Wearing Sombrero Hat Caricature Gift For Mexican Colleague

Description provided :

I would like to order an A3 caricature of a friend of mine who is leaving Singapore. A Mexican fellow who is moving to San Fransisco. So there should be a background pictures of SG’s icons (MBS, merlion, singapore flyer) as well as the golden gate in San Fransisco. He is into running and cycling, his passions. So i’m thinking to get a whole body picture of him running or cycling.

Marathon Themed Couple Caricature

She dropped us an email informing us that she would like to do a couple,wedding caricature of themselves. In her email, she furnish us with the details of how she would like us to draw them in. Below are the  brief descriptive details which was provided:

…Both of us love running and so I thought you could have us in a marathon theme, holding hands, in my wedding dress and his tuxedo (including the race bib). And with this few places in the background: 1. The building of our secondary school (I will send the photo once I got it), 2. Merlion, 3. The Changi Airport Control tower with airplane flying over it…

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