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Birthday Gift

Thank you gift

For the Dinner & Dance committee.

Farewell Gift

“I would like to request for a cartoon caricature as a farewell gift for my manager. He is from Argentina and a big fan of football.”

Thank You Gift

Caricature gift

The Great Gatsby Theme

Farewell Gift

Retirement gift

Enjoying my retirement with a cigar in one hand, a glass of whisky in the other.

Farewell gift

You’ll be missed

Farewell gift

Client: “we have received the prints and we love them!”

A bittersweet farewell to their boss

Customised caricature with a group photo inserted is one way to be included in the artwork. Our prints are high quality so, even your photos will be clear.

A unique Farewell gift for a colleague

A group photo can be inserted into an artwork.

Farewell gift for a colleague

Congratulatory gift for a boss

Her team specifically wanted the photo to be named “Jiu Gui”; drawn to congratulate their boss on a promotion

Group caricature

Appreciation gift for those who attended workshop organised by the company.

Boss going away commemorative gift with a running theme

Boss is a running enthusiast, so everyone wants to be drawn running with him when he is posted to another station abroad.

Group caricature with simple background

A big group caricature from MOT

Group caricature farewell gift for a company

A group caricature gift for a Malaysian lady colleague

B&W digital mugshots group caricature

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