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Farewell Gift for a Fearless Man

3 buddies in army uniform. Main character holding an iguana. 1st man on the left peace finger, lady pointing at main character and 3rd man thumbs up .

Chinese Traditional Costume Group Caricature

Group Caricature Farewell Gift for Ninjutsu Sensei

Sensei dressed in a ninja suit coming down from helicopter on a ladder with huge syringe latch at the back. Helicopter hovering above the building, loading bay with ambulance at the side profile, headshots of 13 ninjas. 

Appreciation day

Thank you members for dedicated time and service. Together we pull and come out strong.

An impressive show of appreciation for a dear boss.

To commemorate the completion of a course

We did this format of drawing yearly for our regular customer — Roche. This is an interesting request as it is a group caricature for a team that has completed a course. They want to remember their team mates and… Continue Reading →

A Band of fun musician playing instruments

A group caricature ordered by a company for this group of colleagues to be drawn as musicians! Fun and entertaining theme! It was a hilarious, full of movement caricature. One played Saxophone, one trumpet, one keyboard player and a drummer!… Continue Reading →

Rugby Team’s Group Caricature For Graduation

Client requests for a caricature as a graduation gift for her sons graduating and leaving school for university: I was wondering if you might be able to help- as a graduation present, I am hoping to get a caricature drawing… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift Group Caricature Drawing for Bank Executives

You see these ‘Ducks’ all the time in the financial district of Singapore. They’re amphibious military landing craft modified for civilian use to take tourists around the city and cruise the scenic bay area. So we thought we used this… Continue Reading →

Middle Eastern – Gifts Caricature

The theme – Middle Eastern was chosen by our customer, focusing all the characters dressed as royalty from Arabian Nights, with one of them as the king. To beautify the scene, our artist added on some middle eastern props such… Continue Reading →

Esso Mobil @ Harbour Front Group Caricatures

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