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Farewell Present for Colleague Finance Director

A perfect memorable going away gifts for a beloved colleague. This is a meaningful gift for a colleague that is also work appropriate. Caricatures are drawn, custom-personalised to your specifications. Seeing themselves being drawn in a thought and fun way… Continue Reading →

Farewell Wishes to Expatriate Boss Who Has a Plan

Office setting with thing that he likes while in Singapore, peculiar things that only a caring colleague would notice to come up with an original gag for a farewell gift to remember the good times together before he leaves to… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift to Recon Captain

Top Salesman Set-off to a New Adventure

Parting gift from colleagues to a top sales personnel. With company logo on the monitor screen and personal messages. We draw every drawing from scratch to express your original ideas.

Farewell Caricature Gift for Japanese Managing Director

A diversified office has a pretty awesome idea of giving their Japanese manager a farewell caricature to take home. Hi, Our Japanese Managing Director is leaving Singapore back to Japan.¬†We would like to give him a farewell gift. We are… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift Globe Trotting Manager Leaving Singapore

This week we had to draw the same person twice but from a different department. It would be a pleasant surprise for this manager to receive two different caricature gifts. It is however not the same as both parties have… Continue Reading →

This Is One Noisy Drawing For a Farewell Gift

With so many messages around the drawing, our artist spent more time writing than drawing this farewell gift caricature for a corporate client.

Keep In Touch – Farewell Gift Caricature Drawing

Farewell gift for a colleague on her retirement. Known by her colleagues as a slim and presentable lady who loves to match her dress with a belt and a brooch. A physic teacher who love to drink tea too.

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