Farewell Present for Colleague Finance Director

Personalised Gift for Coworker

A perfect memorable going away gifts for a beloved colleague. This is a meaningful gift for a colleague that is also work appropriate. Caricatures are drawn, custom-personalised to your specifications. Seeing themselves being drawn in a thought and fun way will bring a smile to their face. A single person drawing. Outfit: Business suit. Background: Marina Bay Sands. Message: Your legacy and your wisdom will remain XXX forever. A big thank you from all of US! Insert: Money bags, charts and currency symbols.

Farewell Caricature Gift for Japanese Managing Director

A diversified office has a pretty awesome idea of giving their Japanese manager a farewell caricature to take home.

Hi, Our Japanese Managing Director is leaving Singapore back to Japan. We would like to give him a farewell gift. We are interested in a group of 7 pax. We will give you the individual photos.  My MD loves golf and drinking.  Below the words we want to put in the drawing:-  “Goodbye, 再见, Sayonara, Paalam, Selamat Tinggal, Sawassdee, Tạm Biệt” Regards.

Farewell Gift Globe Trotting Manager Leaving Singapore

This week we had to draw the same person twice but from a different department. It would be a pleasant surprise for this manager to receive two different caricature gifts. It is however not the same as both parties have different interpretation of the person and wanted us to convey separate themes.

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