Happy 71st Birthday, Grandpa! – Gift Caricature

Our customer ordered this for a relative in the Philippines. Rather last minute, so she stopped at our office on the way to the airport. We had it framed and bubble wrapped on a Monday morning.

“Age is not measured by years. Nature does not equally distribute energy. Some people are born old and tired while others are going strong at seventies.” Best describe our subject who is celebrating his 71st birthday this year. He still loves to work out at the gym with dumb bells and gym equipment. Ooo.. Not forgetting he is updated with all the latest devices such as iphones, ipad and his current favourite gadgets, a blackberry phone!

Its really awsome that some guy have all the luck and their hair intact at 71.

Royalty Wedding Anniversary – Couple Caricature

Requested by Customer:
“A) The lady design must not be too sexy

As followed by the sample given, the artist have drawn the subject as the Knight in Shining Armor holding on to his Princess, riding on a horse; using Digital drawing.

An order by HP Photo Center.


Hindu and Catholic Wedding Gift Caricature

Speaking of mixed marriages this is one of different faiths. Our customer in the United Arab Emirates made a repeat order but this time its s a wedding gift for their friends. They emailed us the photo, paid by Paypal and gave us the following descriptions.

The couple are both professional Indian expatriate in Unted Arab Emirates (UAE). The bride is a doctor while the groom is an industry analyst. They wanted to reflect that they are Catholic and Hindu with the bride wearing a modern wedding dress and groom wearing a traditional Hindu costume, passionate about their work and their profession must be obviously represented by the objects related to it. They were planning a olive green theme for their wedding.

We emailed the high resolution file and the original was air mailed to UAE.

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