Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention 2014

It was a two days event opened to public at Marina Bay Sands. had a caricature and a face-painting booth over there. We invited Simon Leung, caricaturist from Hongkong, to join us for these two days event. It was fun drawing with our guest artist. He attracted quite a bit of crowd too. His style is very eastern pop style with a good amount of exaggeration.

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) – Conventional Coloured and Digital Live Caricature Drawing

This is the second year that Cartoon.SG took a booth at the 3rd Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) Its the closest thing we have to a comic con in these part of the world with artists signing their comic books and cosplayers prancing around the Suntec City exhibition hall 4 decked as storm troopers or whatever they fancy. The police were even called in when some of these youth stray into the street with their toy guns dressed as Counter Strike characters. Funny thing is that fake Samurai Katana swords were on sale and everyone was carrying them around. We wonder how these kids get home by public transport without getting into trouble with the current concern for the rise in gang related machete attacks.

We showcased our live colour drawing style and also our live digital caricature set-up. I dare say that our booth is the most happening corner with burst of laughter ringing out every few minutes. We enjoyed our 3 days though personally its not such a fantastic event compared to the previous years – the exorbitant $15 ticket is a big turn off (Get the hint Mr. Reed). Hope they learn to make it better in 2011 and you bet we’ll be there hustling our drawing again.

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