Farewell Gift For Japanese Girl Leaving Singapore

The client has requested for a caricature as a farewell gift for a friend:

Hello! Hope this email finds you well!
I want to order one caricature for us to send my colleague off as she goes back to Japan.. The farewell party will be held on 7th may. Is it feasible? It would be great if u can include Singapore icons like MBS, Merlion etc in her background

Mugshot Caricature Farewell Gift For Colleagues

We love client’s feedback like this:


Thank you for the wonderful drawing. They really appreciate the gifts.
Will order more for future events..

Client has requested for a mugshot caricature as a farewell gift for leaving colleagues:

I like to order Normal Colour Marker Mugshot on A4 
Attached is the 2 Photos.
I need to have this photo before 23rd May due to farewell..
To: XXXX(First Photo). Message: It was a pleasure working with you. From XXXX 29th May 2014
To: XXX (2nd Photo). Message: Thank you for being a wonderful boss. From XXXX 29th May 2014.

Moving on from Singapore to Jakarta.

A colleague who revisit our proposed quotation and has considered to make a caricature piece as a farewell gift for a French colleague.

Here are the details for the following caricature order.

Purpose : Farewell gift.  After spending 10years in Singapore, he is taking up a new assignment in Indonesia (based in Jakarta) – Singapore & Indonesia landscape as background

Hobby : Reading..

Just a suggestion : picture of him holding a laptop & book heading towards the direction of Indonesia?

A draft was produced, seen and approved. This customer has requested for a delivery service from us with an additional charges.

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