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Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, if you see a crocodile, don’t forget to scream…

A cartoonic drawing, gift, for the best gynaecologist from a young parent to be.

Farewell gift for the head of department

What better way to bid a boss farewell than to thank him with a caricature with his dogs and his contributions to the various departments!!

Caricature gift for a lady who dream to become a doctor

Appreciation caricature gift for a doctor

Superman Oncologist Caricature Gift

Our client request us to draw a caricature of an oncologist doctor in superman costume with his stethoscope around his neck and one of his hand holding a mobile phone with a clinic setting as background.

A Caricature Gift for X-ray Specialist Brother In-law

Hi , Attached is my bro inlaw’s pictures ( I do not have a good close ups so I attached a few). I also attached a picture of a doctor examining an x-ray. Please draw him holding an x-ray of bones, use… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift Caricature for SP Mentor

Promotion and Farewell gift to Chief Oncologist at National University Hospital

Farewell Gift Caricature for ORD Personnel

Couple Caricature for Nurse and Optometrist

Client’s requests: 1. I like rainbow colours and the background with sunrise if possible? 2. I work as a nurse and my boyfriend is a optometrist in the future(still serving NS now). 3. My boyfriend like body-building. 4. I would… Continue Reading →

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