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Group Gift by Boss to His Employees Showing their Favourite Hobbies and Talents

A group gift for a company where employees are drawn according to the various hobbies or talents they have. Perfect gift with a slight sense of humour to show appreciation of your employee’s hard work.

Thank you gift for speaker of event

Concert theme for the speaker who likes to sing

Wishing him smooth transition to a new position

Farewell gift for a lady boss

A farewell gift for a lady boss who is dedicated to her job. It was requested by our customer to draw her seated at her working desk with desktop and documents on the table, busy at work.

Mugshot of Tudung Lady

A mugshot of a lady in scarf ordered by her company.

Farewell Caricature from the Whole Team at FemCare.

The team will be having a farewell dinner party and will be presenting this beautiful caricature to their boss. We can certainly tell what she’s a multi-tasker. All details and images were given and discussed during the meeting. I hope… Continue Reading →

Caricature for Mobile Company

Live Weekend Caricature For Volkswagen

Farewell Gift Caricature

Gift Caricature for GKE Truck Boss

Live Caricature Event At HEC

Christmas Party Caricature At British American Tobacco Company

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