Farewell Caricature Gift For Colleague At Sports Wear Company

The client got in contact with us after browsing through our website and requested a caricature as a gift for a colleague who is leaving:

This is what we like to order:

 1.       A caricature on A3-sized paper with Normal Color Marker for 8 pax

2.       A Draft copy when done (for my GM to see)

3.       A photo frame

4.       The background of the picture – we would like the Merlion to be featured.

5.       Please use different colors on the shirts that they are wearing, including track shoes.  Draw them wearing cool and trendy Nike sports attires. 

8.       For e.g. like the Citibank caricature that you did for them, can you please put in – NIKE GLOBAL TRADING PTE LTD –  on the top left side of the picture? 

9.       On the top right hand side of the photo, please put in – TRADING COMPANY LEADERSHIP TEAM 2014

Please note that xxxx face should be slightly bigger as he’s leaving Singapore to move back to the USA.

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