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Going Away Gift for an Adventurous Colleague

A perfect memorable going away gifts for a beloved colleague. Caricatures are drawn, custom-personalised to your specifications. Including super-sweet farewell wishes is a sentimental way to say goodbye. Single person caricature: Person standing hand on hip, wearing pink peranakan outfit…. Continue Reading →

Dragon boat themed caricature gift for colleague

Go Go Power Rangers!

A power rangers themed caricature gift for a colleague who love power rangers.

Farewell Caricature for Guinness Colleagues

A brewery that has such amazing individuals. Each with their own eccentric personality. I am interested in getting a caricature portrait of 3 clients who are leaving the company shortly. 1)      3 people 2)      3 A4 size caricatures  3)      Head, body and background Person 1 –… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift for Colleague Who Loves Fishing

A colleague who loves to fish deserves a caricature done exactly how she would be pictured as. This is a farewell gift by a colleague done by tele conversation and images were emailed in. Really hope she likes it!

Superwoman Themed Gift Caricature for Colleague Who Loves Chocolate

Farewell Gift Caricature for Ventilation Specialist

This is a gift for a colleague who is leaving a major manufacturer of electronic devices in Singapore. The team design ventilation devices to assist in breathing and ironically, the ventialtion specialist who is an expert in the human breathing… Continue Reading →

Corporate Gift Caricature For Colleague

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