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Farewell gift

Leading with Humility

Farewell gift for frequent solo traveller

Farewell caricature for manager with Asia backdrop

Farewell caricature for a superman boss

China emperor CiXi theme Caricature

Digital caricature~ Flying to China for work!

This lady has been working in Singapore for some time before being transfer to China by her company to work. So before leaving, her friend asked to draw her sitting on a Singapore Airline plane flying from Singapore to China…. Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift Caricature for General Manager

A farewell gift for General Manager based in China who will be relocating in Taiwan . He can’t wait to be making money in Taiwan.

Gift Caricature For Boss Ritz-Carlton China

Hi Kamal, I would like to have a caricature for my boss. 1. He is overlooking a map of China on the table with miniature buildings all over. Helmet and other plan drawings on the table 2. Put the hotel… Continue Reading →

Caricature for James Bond Inspired Manager

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