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Let’s rock and roll family

Memories are meant to be remembered, beautiful family caricature for a beautiful family.

Birthday Gift for Super Mum

Live Caricature event for kindergarten children

Inspiring kindergarten children.

Caricature gift for children with theirs favourite

Digital for family of three flying off

A digital caricature was requested to be drawn for this family of three: mother, father and their young daughter. They were flying off, back to Canada. The father was the boss of a company and this caricature is requested by… Continue Reading →

Caricature Of Grandchildren For Dutch Grandmother’s 70th Birthday

As requested by our client : Our family has decided to do a caricature portrait as a present for our mother’s 70th birthday. Please develop a caricature of 5 grandchildren whose photos are enclosed for your reference. We’d like them… Continue Reading →

Birthday Gift for Cousin

Client sent us pictures of cousins when they were young. Remembering childhood days.

Caricature for Children Librarians

Big Draw At Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Live Caricature for Sophie’s 7th Birthday Party

Live Caricature for Ayesha’s Birthday Party

Caricature for Diana’s 3rd Birthday Party

Caricature for Jet’s 5th Birthday Party

Caricature for Julia’s Birthday Party

Children Caricature Party

We do house-calls for parties. I was engaged to do caricatures at a birthday party of a sweet girl called Dorcas. All her friends were excited to have their caricatures done. Even the mommies and daddies covet for the drawings… Continue Reading →

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