Birthday Caricature for the Adorable Queen Who just Turned 1!

Forget the princess, be the QUEEN. (haha I love that.)

Our little gal’s 1st birthday is coming up on the 19th of October and we would love to have a caricature of her displayed at her birthday party.

Would just like to enquire how much it would cost based on the details and size we require state below:
– in color
– A3 size
– we would like to portray her like a queen. It would be her wearing a golden crown probably in her diapers having a red velvet royal coat, holding on to her pacifier in one hand and her milk bottle in the other. We have a pet shih tzu dog we would like to portray as her “royal horse” so probably she should be drawn riding on our shih tzu. At the background we would like to have the picture of a castle to be drawn.

We would like to have the following phrase probably at the bottom of the drawing ” Forget the princess, Be the Queen! “

Her crown should be in gold having  seven stones following the colors of the rainbow red, orange, green, blue, violet, indigo and yellow.

Thank you and best regards

Knighting Ceremony Themed Gift Caricature

We got this gift caricature order with a rather unusual request but nevertheless interesting and fun to draw.

Dear Kamal

We got your address from the internet and hope you can assist us.

A friend of ours was recently ‘knighted’ in Spain, an award for services to the medical industry. We would like to give him a small picture (sketch) gift which basically shows him being ‘knighted’ by a ‘King’ with sword and with him kneeling in front of the king.

The picture to be a sketch (no significant detail) other than obviously reflecting the king in any period attire, a man kneeling in front but importantly the sketch of the man’s face must be of a very good likeness to our friend – Robert Gaines-Cooper.

For your assistance please see the attached sheet where I have pasted a picture of our friend (Robert) and also three ‘examples’ of someone being knighted.

The sketch would be either on a A5 or A4 hard card (white) with the sketch in black. At the bottom under the sketch it would say ““Levántese Señor Gaines-Cooper”

As indicated no real details as long as it resembles a ‘scene’ of a knighting and the Kings face can be obscured but the face of Robert to be clearly him.

Hopefully what I have supplied you assists but please revert with questions, suggestions and a price!

We would need the drawing by Monday of next week if agreed.

Many thanks



Hi Kamal

Just a note of thanks for doing a great job. The picture was presented to our friend who was delighted.

We will definitely use your service and skills again.

Thank you.


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