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Event Caricature Artist drawing with iPad.

Click to view the monitor set-up. We draw for promotions event and other corporate functions as well as birthdays. We draw on digital tablets and print it on the spot. A monitor displaying the drawing take shape is mesmerising.

Land, Sea or Air. Wherever Your Party Needs a Caricaturist in Singapore, Cartoon.SG Artists At Your Service.

Just when I though I’ve done it all. I got the F1 weekend gigs on a yatch cruising the Marina bay. While the loud F1 racing cars zooms past round and round the circuit, I draw guests partying in the… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Caricature Gift for 40 Year Old Celebration

A special birthday wish to a talented musician by giving an appropriately drawn caricature.

Farewell Gift to Recon Captain

Boss is a World Traveller

Farewell Gift for Boss Leaving the company. Combined gift for lasting memory of friendship and comraderie.

black tie event entertainment caricature drawing show

Drawing high level multi-national executives at a prestigious dinner event for international trade convention. Drawing fun entertainment in a formal setting and the delegates were happy to have a unique gift to commemorate their visit to Singapore

Drawing ‘Live’ caricature on 92FM

Invited to do a ‘Live’ show in conjunction with Cartoonist day 5th of May. Drew celebrity DJs of Kiss 92FM and interviewed live on air from the CBD.

caricature studio order drawn from photograph

Our professional team of artists draw high quality art for caricature gifts that will be well received. With many years of training and experience our artist

My Cartoonist Hero. Lat aka Kampong Boy

It was such an honour that Dato Lat wanted to see me during his visit to Singapore. Most of us in Singapore and Malaysia grew up on his cartoon drawings in newspaper and his books. I consider him the best… Continue Reading →

Couple Caricature With Lego Theme Background

Only cool couples do caricatures! This creative couple came up with a lego theme for their caricature! My Face: Figure 1 Eyes nose bridge (prominent/high but don’t make the whole nose too big) smile + teeth (straight) ears  face shape… Continue Reading →

Digital Caricature at Birthday Party

Our customer brought out the TV set from her house and plug it into our tablet for a fun time drawing caricatures digitally at Max’s birthday party. That was fun.  

Slang Speaking English Lady from a Major Shipping Company

This worldly lady is described as someone who has a very strong English accent and slangs in her speech. She loves her husband known affectionately as her ‘big B’. Everyday she eat sandwich brought from home in a plastic container… Continue Reading →

Gift Caricature for Loyal Accountant of Insurance Company

The above caricature was done in a A2 size with these details provided by our customer: Here is a bit of detail on his character: Quiet but friendly Numbers wizard, a calculator or some visual of a spreadsheet, maybe pencil… Continue Reading →

Year end party at Singapore National Eye Centre.

Four artists drew for 3-hours for a stream of healthcare workers from doctors to stewards. Drawing with bad Karaoke singing is a challenge but still very fun.

Wedding Gift Caricature for Longboard skaters

Caricature Gift for Deep Sea Lover

Marriage Proposal Caricature

Farewell Gift for a Marketing Head

Birthday Caricature Gift for A Harry Potter Fan

60th Birthday Caricatures Gift

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