Event Caricature Artist drawing with iPad.

Click to view the monitor set-up. We draw for promotions event and other corporate functions as well as birthdays. We draw on digital tablets and print it on the spot. A monitor displaying the drawing take shape is mesmerising.

Boss is a World Traveller

Farewell Gift for Boss Leaving the company. Combined gift for lasting memory of friendship and comraderie.

Retirement gift, farewell, parting gifts
Boss who travels around the world for official business. Farewell retirement gift

My Cartoonist Hero. Lat aka Kampong Boy

It was such an honour that Dato Lat wanted to see me during his visit to Singapore. Most of us in Singapore and Malaysia grew up on his cartoon drawings in newspaper and his books. I consider him the best in the art of caricature as well. There is a distinctive simplicity, accurate and humorous effect to his political caricatures which I like very much. It’s was truly an Honour to be able to present a drawing I did of him.

Couple Caricature With Lego Theme Background

Only cool couples do caricatures!

This creative couple came up with a lego theme for their caricature!

My Face:

Figure 1

nose bridge (prominent/high but don’t make the whole nose too big)
smile + teeth (straight)
face shape
Figure 2, Figure 3, Figure 4
Eyebrows (try to make it slightly thinner)
Hair (Curly hair with short sides)
Her face:
Figure 5
Her whole face generally, leave out the mole.
straight teeth
dimples (important)
Figure 6
Hair (brown slightly wavey)
Lego theme

Slang Speaking English Lady from a Major Shipping Company

This worldly lady is described as someone who has a very strong English accent and slangs in her speech. She loves her husband known affectionately as her ‘big B’. Everyday she eat sandwich brought from home in a plastic container and subscribes to the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. She organises her projects with post-it notes on a big brown paper pasted on the wall.

Just by giving us a photo and describing how the person is to be depicted, we’ll make a unique gift and an original work of art by a local artist.


Gift Caricature for Loyal Accountant of Insurance Company

The above caricature was done in a A2 size with these details provided by our customer:

Here is a bit of detail on his character:

  • Quiet but friendly
  • Numbers wizard, a calculator or some visual of a spreadsheet, maybe pencil behind his ear
  • Great memory – knows a lot of useless facts I think, good for pub quizzes!
  • Family man
  • Big saints fan – see link for Saints player in the old Friends Prov kit: http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Southampton/Southampton.htm· 
  • Loyal (39 years!!)

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