Carnival style caricatures @ Hougang Mall

It was a fun and exiciting two-days road show at the atrium of Hougang Mall. The public get to view different booths selling craft works and art pieces. Our booth as usual is always of long and consistent queue from the public getting their caricatures drawn and paying and affordable rate range between $10-$20 for a theme-park style caricature completed within 10 minutes per person. Some customers bought a family drawing. Others get individual drawings of themselves or their loved ones to be given as birthday or anniversaries gift. There were even repeat customers who upon getting their own drawing done on the first day, brought back their friends or family members on the second day to be drawn.

Slang Speaking English Lady from a Major Shipping Company

This worldly lady is described as someone who has a very strong English accent and slangs in her speech. She loves her husband known affectionately as her ‘big B’. Everyday she eat sandwich brought from home in a plastic container and subscribes to the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. She organises her projects with post-it notes on a big brown paper pasted on the wall.

Just by giving us a photo and describing how the person is to be depicted, we’ll make a unique gift and an original work of art by a local artist.


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