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Farewell Gift Globe Trotting Manager Leaving Singapore

This week we had to draw the same person twice but from a different department. It would be a pleasant surprise for this manager to receive two different caricature gifts. It is however not the same as both parties have… Continue Reading →

Ministry of Transportation : PS Caricature

Our client request two different version of their PS caricature to be drawn, one in which he would be in formal attire with air/sea/land (MRT,brown car, aeroplane,ship,bus) as the background meanwhile the other would be an informal picture of him… Continue Reading →

Dating Anniversary Caricature for Couples in Love

Digitally Painted Caricatures for Father and Sons

Digitally painted caricatures is a premium service we provide upon request. Though it is done on a computer with a Wacom tablet, it is still very much reliant on our painting skills. They require more time, but the result justifies… Continue Reading →

Gift Caricature for Fiancé

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