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Artist sharing session with caricature drawing demonstration

Our education arm is Kamal Arts Ltd. Principal artist Kamal Dollah sharing about going professional as an artist and career options in the creative field. For school assembly talks and grant subsidised art lesson go to

Gifts for Anniversary Award Winners


Japanse Family Caricature Enjoying In The Warm Singapore Sun

This Japanese family requested for a family portrait with a Singaporean theme/   And, I would like to order three drawings for our family this time based on the following  theme: All –  Summer dress fashion in “Singapore” background Pix… Continue Reading →

Caricature of Couple’s 25th Silver Anniversary As Secretary and Landscape Artist

This couple’s Silver Anniversary falls on the same year as SG50! The customer requested SG50 to be placed in the picture to commemorate this special occasion. Information about our subject: (please pick whichever would help)   Occupation: Landscape artist &… Continue Reading →

Indian Couple in Wedding Outfits With Lighted City Background

Wedding caricatures are only for cool couples! This couple requested for a caricature to be presented at their wedding reception! The wedding couple are dressed in their wedding outfits in with the city in the backgrounds and fireworks!  

A young Harley rider and another Germany fan

Variations of Obama caricature

I finally came around to drawing two versions of a famous person for teaching purpose. One in portrait and another one caricature with exaggerated features. I think the caricatured piece looks more like the person in the photo. That’s the beauty of caricature.

Live Caricature Event At Black Swan

Triathlon Guy – Gift Caricature Drawing

Our regular customer have decided to do another caricature for a 40th birthday.  As well as doing for his wife ,we  also did one for his friend  which he said was great. As described by our customer: “He is turning 40… Continue Reading →

Personal Caricature for a Lovely Lady who Love Animals so Naturally she Have Lots of Pets.

Farewell Gift for Chief Information Officer of an MNC Oil Company

Soccer Caricature Gift for Arsenal Fan Couple

The Venerable – Gift Caricature Drawing

Another regular customer of us, yet again ordered a gift caricature drawing for her Venerable. As describe, the Venerable is a very funny guy, in order to make them understand better he uses ‘singlish’. He laughs  a lot and will claps… Continue Reading →

ITE – Gift Caricature Drawing

Mugshot caricature drawings of a team from the ITE department. A simple yet a unique memorable gifts for the staffs.    

Rock Theme @ Dynamic Tour MBS – Live Caricature Event

Amidst the busy day of drawing and painting in our studio, Cartoon.SG made time for an event held by Dynamic Tour. We were given the opportunity to make the event much more worthwhile by drawing LIVE caricature of the guests… Continue Reading →

Lady loves her dog – Gift Caricature Drawing

A birthday gift caricature from a dad portraying his daughter with her favourite dog. Like they said, ‘ Dog is a man’s bestfriend!’

C&BA Soocer Guy – Gift Caricature Drawing

  Details given by the colleague: 1) Footballer with a football and with spectators behind 2) Blue Jersey (similar to Chelsea team) 3) Team Logo (upper right of Jersey)  4) Sponsor logo on center of Jersey: “C & BA” 5) Shorts with… Continue Reading →

Credit Card Maverick – Farewell Gift Caricature Drawing

Its a gift to a senior personnel of Mastercard. His achievement and responsibility is rather obvious in the theme .

Wedding Couple on a Mountain Bike Thematic Caricature

This is a wedding gift to a couple who loves the outdoor, especially cycling on the southern islands. Now that’s a novel idea to save on bridal car rental and its environment friendly too.

Oscar Awards Movie Theme Caricature

Its a parting gift for an executive working in the movie industry. His colleagues decided to dress him up in the finest tuxedo, put him in the limelight and give him an Oscar trophy. We threw in the roses to… Continue Reading →

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