Caricatures for Wedding at the Singapore Art Museum

A couple preparing for their wedding contacted us:

Hi, My fiancé and I were at the Peranakan Museum last week and were enthralled by your caricatures of some of the visitors. For our wedding, to be held in June 2010, we are doing away with the too common pre-wedding shots. In place, we are looking at setting up caricature paintings of ourselves around the wedding hall.

I have 2 caricature requests, as follows:

(1) I would like to append a caricature of ourselves on the wedding invitation. For this, I intend to use the attached photograph

Ours is a Christian wedding ceremony on 19 June 2010 at the Singapore Art Museum.

For the background, please include the following:

– the 2 of us riding a tandem bike; Mario to be in front, heading towards a signboard that says ‘Singapore Art Museum’

-Both of us wearing white top (sleeveless or tank top) and green bermudas each.

-for Vasuki to be holding a bouquet of paintbrushes instead of flowers.

-our names ‘Mario & Vasuki’ to be included at the top left hand corner with the date ‘19.06.2010’ beneath.


(2) I would also like to put up a picture of ourselves at the entrance to the wedding hall. To which end, we would like to us the attached photograph. I am interested in the Bollywood inspired caricature that you have in your blog. Can you do something similar for ours pls?

Please include the wedding date ’19 June 2010′ in this caricature.

I will opt for the watercolour/colour marker for this and the A3 frame.


She was delighted with the result when she came to collect at our studio. She wrote to us:

Dear Kamal & Ruoshi,

Mario & I are very pleased with the caricatures, nay honoured indeed to have those cartoonish images of ourselves. As rightly said by my mum and another friend, those may be caricatures but the depictions do resemble the Mario and my wacky sides rather well. To know that you could do wonders with very simple, ordinary pictures of ourselves – we are amazed indeed. Thank you very much!


Thank you Vasuki and Mario for letting us be a part of your fun life together.

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