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Staying fit, cycling and enjoying the panoramic view of Singapore

Keeping fit by cycling your way through and enjoying the amazing scenic.

Ironman riding bicycle around Singapore town

Farewell gift for a colleague returning back home.

Farewell Muscular Guy

A thank you gift for a fitness instructor from his colleagues.

Cycling to Happiness

Farewell Gift

Farewell gift

Client: “we have received the prints and we love them!”

Farewell gift from Singapore to Sweden

Farewell gift

You must have spent enough time with your colleague to know what they like and will miss when they leave Singapore. A unique gift like this is memorable.

Wedding gift for friends

From Singapore to Netherlands

Farewell gift for an avid cyclist

A cheeky gift for someone to remember Singapore.

Avid cyclist on a racing bicycle around the world

Farewell Caricature for A Funny and Stylish Boss

Cycling around Singapore


Farewell Caricature Gift To Boss Leaving For Prague

For every of our caricature order we encourage our client to make a special request so the result will be personalized gift that is one of a kind.. “…To make it looks funny, please draw a picture of my boss… Continue Reading →

Triathlon Biker Holding a Pint of Guinness for 40th Birthday Gift

The caricature above is drawn base on our client’s descriptive details: “…This caricature would be for my husbands 40th birthday this coming Friday.  As I said he’s turning 40, is currently training for a triathlon so its all all about… Continue Reading →

Triathlon Guy – Gift Caricature Drawing

Our regular customer have decided to do another caricature for a 40th birthday.  As well as doing for his wife ,we  also did one for his friend  which he said was great. As described by our customer: “He is turning 40… Continue Reading →

Wedding Couple on a Mountain Bike Thematic Caricature

This is a wedding gift to a couple who loves the outdoor, especially cycling on the southern islands. Now that’s a novel idea to save on bridal car rental and its environment friendly too.

Caricatures for Wedding at the Singapore Art Museum

A couple preparing for their wedding contacted us: Hi, My fiancé and I were at the Peranakan Museum last week and were enthralled by your caricatures of some of the visitors. For our wedding, to be held in June 2010,… Continue Reading →

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