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Farewell Gift

Farewell gift for colleague

Keep calm and have a beer. Just remember, don’t drive and drive.

Man of all trades who particularly loves deejaying

Karaoke from Singapore to Asia Pacific

Farewell gift for colleague relocating to Denmark

Some say, Life begins at 50

Caricature gift for an Irish couple

Farewell caricature for a lawyer who leaving Singapore

Farewell caricature for boss

60th birthday caricature for husband who loves golf and beer

Football and beer theme Caricature gift

Farewell Caricature for Germany Boss who love LV and beer

Farewell gift for Germany boss

Bollywood style caricature

Caricature gift for a Boss from UK who speak Singlish

Gift for a IT colleague who love foods and basketball

Batman like Carlsberg Beer

Farewell Caricature for Guinness Colleagues

A brewery that has such amazing individuals. Each with their own eccentric personality. I am interested in getting a caricature portrait of 3 clients who are leaving the company shortly. 1)      3 people 2)      3 A4 size caricatures  3)      Head, body and background Person 1 –… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift to Finance Director

A farewell gift for Finance Director who is relocating to Chicago. He loves to drink beer, and cycling is his favourite sport. Cycling along with his past achievements while in Singapore.

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